Driving Growth for Modern Brands

We partner with innovative marketing teams to create and implement custom solutions that align with their business goals.

Our Services

At Abstract Partners, we recognize that solving business challenges requires more than just technical expertise. It's about understanding our clients' unique needs and goals, and providing solutions that drive growth. Our team comprises not just exceptional engineers, but also growth-minded entrepreneurs who work closely with executive teams to deliver solutions that align with their business objectives. That's why our services are designed to answer the top 6 questions we hear from CEOs.

  • How Do I Make My Site Faster?

    Our comprehensive site speed optimization process focuses on cutting every millisecond it takes for your page to load, with solutions including performance audits, deferring third-party apps, lazy loading, auto-optimizing large assets, and server-side rendering pages.

  • Can You “Run” Launches?

    Our team coordinates multiple client teams and work streams including engineering, merchandising, and ERP changes to create and launch custom promotions and products seamlessly into Shopify, while maintaining the back-of-house operations.

  • Is There an ERP You Would Recommend?

    We work closely with clients to customize and integrate their ERP systems to meet their unique business needs, whether it's enabling sales or promotional features, managing inventory, or streamlining the customer experience.

  • Can You Create a Design System for Us?

    Our designers are experts in Shopify and CMSes and offer various design system options that are tailored to different levels of detail and audience. From component-level Figma or Sketch files to design system files geared towards executives, we provide a range of design system solutions that ensure consistency in your digital assets, which ultimately drive conversions.

  • Should we migrate to Shopify 2.0? Headless?

    Shopify 2.0 offers improved performance, scalability, and features, while headless commerce provides flexibility and control over your e-commerce platform. Our team can help you understand the technical implications and costs associated with each option, and make an informed decision that supports your business objectives.

  • How do you setup GA4 properly?

    Our GA4 setup service not only helps businesses implement and configure Google Analytics 4, but also assists in creating comprehensive customer data profiles that include key metrics such as LTV. By ensuring every customer touchpoint is precisely recorded, we can help you to target your most valuable customers, allowing for more effective marketing campaigns and higher customer engagement.